Burrito Bison Takes You for a Wild Toss Up Ride

burrito bison bull game

We have played dozens of bull games and tossing games for that matter. From flinging paper airplanes to penguins to hamsters to weirdly drawn anime characters to turtles to skateboarding stick figures and who knows what else. So take it from us when we say that when it comes to originality, there is plenty that developers should delve into when it comes to creating another game that requires you to toss and fling some poor little thing at the strangest targets conceivable.

With that being said, Burrito Bison places players in charge of flinging the titular Bison, a massive, muscle bound masked bull wrestler at crowds of multicolored gummy bears running away for their lives. It certainly sounds interesting -enough for us to take the game for a longer and deeper review.

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